June 16, 2012
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Does it make economic sense to build a wind turbine?

By Bill Carson, www.eastbayri.com 16 June 2012

The Portsmouth High School wind turbine broke down again this past Friday June 15, 2012 .

Gearbox failures account for the largest amount of down time on commercial wind turbines. The cost of equipment in a wind turbine to replace is up to $500,000.00.This is about one tenth of the original cost. The Portsmouth wind turbine gearbox maintenance should have gotten a very high priority. The Town of Portsmouth has to push a reset button almost every day to restart the turbine.

What is going on with the Portsmouth High School wind turbine .I was having an argument with a friend and I said that wind turbines could break down and he said that they don’t break down for years. Is this true and please provide an explanation of how many times the Portsmouth High School wind turbine has stopped or broken down in the last six months .

The biggest problem with the renewable, “green power” industry today is its blatant dishonesty to the public. These Portsmouth High School machine is a money pit. We need someone in Portsmouth to step up to the plate and take responsibility for the mistake made by the town . The more breakdowns there are the worse this is going to get. The breakdowns are drawing national attention !

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2012/06/16/does-it-make-economic-sense-to-build-a-wind-turbine/