June 15, 2012

The fightback against wind turbines begins

Sleaford Standard, www.sleafordstandard.co.uk 14 June 2012

‘Enough is enough’ – that is the message from Lincolnshire County Council, who are fighting back against wind farms.

Ecotricity (Next Generation Ltd) have plans to build a 22-turbine farm at a site on Heckington Fen, north of the A17 and east of Sidebar Lane, which would generate enough power for 39,000 homes.

But the county council has spoken out against more wind farms appearing in the county, arguing that not only do the turbines ruin the landscape, they also have the potential to damage Lincolnshire’s tourism industry.

Coun Martin Hill, leader of Lincolnshire County Council, said: “There has been a proliferation of wind farms across Lincolnshire in recent years and we feel that enough is enough.

“Although we understand the need for alternative energy and are not opposed to all wind farms, we remain unconvinced by the questionable science behind them.

“Not only are these things spoiling our beautiful countryside for future generations, they could also seriously damage our tourism industry – who wants to spend their holiday looking at a 400ft turbine? Similarly, who wants to live next door to one?”

MP for Sleaford and North Hykeham, Stephen Phillips, has spoken out against wind farms, branding them uneconomical and arguing that if the turbines do not have the full support of the community they should not appear.

An inquiry into the proposed Heckington Fen wind farm is scheduled to be held at Boston West Golf Centre at Hubbert’s Bridge, at 10am on July 31.

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