June 15, 2012
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Current put into ground a big concern

www.saukvalley.com 15 June 2012

Headline: “State should not sacrifice rural health for wind energy projects” as seen in The Cap Times on Feb. 29. Will the Public Service Commission continue to promote dangerous utility practices and sacrifice Wisconsin rural health for big wind profits?

Electrical pollution tests conducted by Dave Stetzer at the Shirley Wind Project in Brown County reveal electrical pollution levels to be severely unsafe, not meeting the standards of the World Health Organizations and the Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers.

By law, utilities are allowed to dump 70 percent of the neutral current into the ground, creating deadly health effects that are amplified by wind turbine generation. Had the Electrical Bill of Rights passed in 2003, it would be illegal. But because of the successful lobbying efforts of the utilities and wind developers, legislators turned a blind eye to the harm caused by such electrical dumping on an already-undersized grid.

Various IEEE studies prove that contact voltage that exceeds 20 millivolts is a health concern. Dave Stetzer’s tests reveal 200-to-600-millivolts contact at faucet to floor on the homes near wind turbines.

Another issue is electromagnetic frequency that is created by variable speed wind turbine generators not properly filtered at generation. These electromagnetic frequencies enter the homes and barns via ground contact and power lines. Stetzer’s tests demonstrate that the Shirley wind turbines have amplified the problem to the point that people are experiencing severe health issues. His tests show electromagnetic frequency radiation exposure between 16 to 25 kilohertz, and IEEE studies prove that anything over 1.7 kilohertz of radiation absorbs internally within our bodies (and those of farm animals and poultry), leading to problems such as cancer and heart disease.

Personally, I want to know what happens to our water supply when all that rebar in the foundations begins to rust.

Sue McGinn, Tampico

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