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Wind farm campaigners and councillors unite in opposition

Wind farm protesters and the county council have said ‘enough is enough’ in united opposition to the ‘unrestrained invasion of turbines’ across Lincolnshire.

Last Wednesday, a 40 foot trailer funded by the Croft Windfarm Action Group visited a series of sites currently subject to turbine planning applications, sending a clear and determined message that they won’t tolerate the ‘industrialisation’ of Lincolnshire’s unspoiled rural countryside any more.

The tour was scheduled to coincide with Lincolnshire County Council’s executive board meeting, held to decide whether the authority would take a stronger position on wind farms, which was unanimously agreed by members.

Council leader Coun Martin Hill said: “There’s been a proliferation of wind farms across Lincolnshire in recent years and we feel that enough is enough.

“Although we understand the need for alternative energy and are not opposed to all wind farms, we remain unconvinced by the questionable science behind them.

“Not only are these things spoiling our beautiful countryside for future generations, they could also seriously damage our tourism industry – who wants to spend their holiday looking at a 400 foot turbine?”

Trailer campaign organiser Melvin Grosvenor was delighted by the council’s decision and the public reception received by the trailer, which he feels demonstrates the extent of opinion present throughout the local community.

He said: “It went extremely well, there was a good level of support from local residents and with the county council’s unanimous adoption of the statement to take a stronger position on wind farms, I would say this definitely marks a step in the right direction.

“The trailer sent a clear message across Lincolnshire that our countryside is precious and worth defending and now I hope that the government will take notice.”

After visiting Lincoln to demonstrate their support for the county council’s new statement on wind farms, the trailer visited a number of local sites marked for potential development including Orby, Wainfleet and finally Croft.

On his journey, Mr Grosvenor heard like-minded motorists honking their horns in support of the group’s objection to the recent wave of turbines applications throughout the county.

“Lincolnshire’s wide open landscapes and big open skies will be defined by turbines, if this doesn’t stop,” he said.

“As far as I’m concerned this is not about one particular site, it’s about the cumulative effect when you add them all together.

“It will turn Lincolnshire into a turbine landscape, and once the developers achieve that there will be no stopping them – it will open the flood gates.

The group has pledged to continue to fight ‘tooth and nail’ in opposition to wind farms.