June 5, 2012
Northern Ireland

Group to oppose wind farm

Derry Journal, www.derryjournal.com 5 June 2012

A number of people living in the Slaughtmanus area between Greysteel and Claudy plan to set up a group to oppose plans for wind turbines there.

They’re holding a meeting on Thursday night in Listress Primary School at 7pm to put together an action committee to campaign against the Barr Cregg Wind Farm.

The proposal from energy firm RES is for up to seven turbines for the townlands of Barr Cregg, Ballymaclanigan and Slaughtmanus. RES hosted an information evening at the school last Thursday night.

A spokesperson for some residents opposed to the project told the Journal; “The feeling of anger in the local community is palpable. For the vast majority of the people the first time that we were made aware of the proposal was when RES delivered their leaflet to our homes with information about the PR exercise at the school.

“They have been carrying out their investigations into the proposed site for years but until now it seems there has been no consultation at all with those families who live in the immediate vicinity, with the obvious exception of those parties who are to benefit financially from the use of their land.

“We are not a bunch of NIMBYs [Not in our back yard], we are genuinely concerned about the industrialisation of the countryside.

“The proposal to erect these behemoths adjacent to the Ness Wood – an area of outstanding natural beauty and designated an area of special scientific interest – must be resisted and rejected. We will contact all agencies, statutory and voluntary, and anyone with an interest to seek their support for our campaign.”

RES says it has developed fourteen wind farms in the North since the early 1990s. A company statement said; “The proposed wind farm would generate 12.6 MW of clean and renewable power each year – equivalent to the annual electricity demand of around 7,000 homes.

“In addition, the project will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the use of a low-carbon fuel source and bring economic benefits to the local community.”

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2012/06/05/group-to-oppose-wind-farm/