June 5, 2012
New York

Alec Baldwin applies for a wind turbine

By Rohma Abbas, The East Hampton Press | www.27east.com 5 June 2012

The actor Alec Baldwin wants to build a wind turbine on his Town Lane, Amagansett, property, and, if approved, he’d become the first resident in East Hampton Town to have one.

Mr. Baldwin recently applied to the town for the wind turbine, according to a town memo dated May 22. East Hampton Town Board members heard a presentation by Senior Environmental Analyst Joel Halsey on the proposal and briefly discussed it at the board’s work session on Tuesday.

If approved, it would be the first residence allowed to construct a wind turbine, following wind turbines that were approved at Mahoney Farm and Nursery and Iacono Farms, both in East Hampton, said Mr. Halsey. There is also a wind turbine at the Amagansett Fire Department, he said.

The height of the wind turbine tower would be 131 feet, when one of the three 22-foot diameter blades is at the highest position, according to a memo describing the project from Mr. Halsey to the Town Board on May 22. The proposed turbine is a Bergey Excel 10kW wind turbine, the same one that was used on the Mahoney and Iacono farms. The turbine would be located about 120 feet from the western property line of the property. Mr. Baldwin owns about 8 acres on Town Lane.

The Town Board must decide whether it will grant a special use permit for the wind turbine, Mr. Halsey said. The Planning Department is recommending the Town Board hold a public hearing on the application, said Mr. Halsey in the proposal.

“As a reminder to the board, the Mahoney wind turbine application was controversial, with advocates for the project and residents opposed to the project,” wrote Mr. Halsey in the memo. “The Iacono wind turbine application had only advocates in attendance at the public hearing. Both turbines have been operating since 2010 and 2011, and the Planning Department is unaware of any complaints regarding either project.”

Supervisor Bill Wilkinson said the town needs to identify a future plan that anticipates more residents wanting to construct wind turbines.

“I live in a community that has 400 homes in it,” said Mr. Wilkinson. “What if 400 homes wanted to put up a windmill?”

Mr. Halsey said he hopes the board will schedule a public hearing on the proposal by the end of July.

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