June 4, 2012

Group to address wind farm worries

ABC Ballarat | www.abc.net.au 4 June 2012

Planning Minister Matthew Guy has established a working group with regional councils to address ongoing issues associated with wind farms.

Representatives of eight regional councils, the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) and staff from the planning department met for the first time last week.

Southern Grampians Mayor Bob Penny says he wants the group to set clear rules about the planning and operation of wind farms.

He says the working group has been created to address community concerns.

“What we’ve agreed upon with the Minister, his department, the MAV and the councils, are working together to come to some resolutions to prove what the concerns the community has over wind farms,” he said.

He says the meeting was the first in a series designed to address ongoing issues around the developments.

“It was all about discussing with the Minister what is the future attitudes of the Government and how the Government can assist local government in respect to wind farms,” he said.

“Now it was only a preliminary meeting, to set the guidelines, if you like, for future meetings.”

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