June 4, 2012
Editorials, Scotland

Chill wind of reality

Scottish Daily Mail, 4 June 2012

The mooted decision by the Chancellor, George Osborne, to demand massive cuts in government subsidies for wind farms indicates how discredited the ‘renewable’ energy project has become. Wind energy does not work and taxpayer subsidies to rich landowners are indefensible.

This development has huge implications for Scotland, where the majority of wind turbines are sited.

The relentless devastation of the Scottish landscape has serious implications for the future of our tourist industry but the main objection is that turbines, operating on average at only 24 per cent of capacity, are incapable of generating sufficient energy for Scotland’s needs.

Daily, Alex Salmond’s objective of generating 100 per cent of Scotland’s electricity from renewables by 2020 seems increasingly implausible. With the SNP refusing to build new nuclear power stations, the prospect of the lights going out is an ominous reality. Westminster has realised that throwing money at wind energy is insupportable, hence the Treasury is looking at a 25 per cent cut in subsidies.

It remains to be seen whether any such sense of reality will dawn on Mr Salmond. The clever money is on the wind-obsessed First Minister clinging defiantly to his renewables fantasy, in which case the consequences for scotland will be grave.

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