June 3, 2012

‘We’ll be surrounded by windfarms’ – claim

North-West Evening Mail, www.nwemail.co.uk 2 June 2012

A row over two proposed windfarms has erupted again following heated discussions at a town meeting.

Plans have been submitted for a six turbine development on land at Langthwaite, which is outside Millom Town Council’s boundary, along with plans for five turbines on land near HMP Haverigg.

The HMP Haverigg site is being developed by Partnerships for Renewables.

Councillors expressed concern about the number of HGVs that would travel through Millom and Haverigg to build the Haverigg windfarm as well as discussing the controversial six-turbine Langthwaite development.

Concerns about the frequency and the weight of the loads of lorries during the construction process was raised and Millom Mayor, Councillor Janice Brown, said the loads would be moving ‘inch by inch’ towards the site.

Speaking about the Langthwaite site, Councillor Frank McPhillips said: “Though this development is not in our parish there are implications for us. If you look to the west, east and south there are windfarms – if you put them in the north we’re going to be totally surrounded.”

Councillor Ray Cole added: “I know it’s the Energy Coast but we are having all the pain and no gain. We are not happy, and I think this is only the start of it, there will be more and more applications to come.”

The council heard how REG Windpower, the firm behind proposals for the Langthwaite development will speak to the council in their June meeting.

Stuart Barnes, communications manager for Partnerships for Renewables, said: “More than 2,600 leaflets were sent to residents and councillors in Millom and Haverigg clearly explaining that the turbines had increased from 90m to 120.5m. The leaflet explained that with larger turbines ‘more electricity could be generated and the benefits of the scheme increased. This includes a large increase of £27,150 each year to the Community Benefit Fund’.

“The total fund for community projects in Haverigg and Millom will now total more than £1.1m over 25 years (£45,000 each year) if the prison windfarm extension goes ahead.

“We’re also sponsoring local events and have pledged to re-surface the road along North Lane after completing works.”

Matt Olley, REG Windpower’s Development Manager for the Langthwaite project, urged people to visit www.langthwaitewindfarm.co.uk for updates on the project.

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