June 3, 2012

Turbine plan refused at Maud

Buchan Observer, www.buchanobserver.co.uk 3 June 2012

Plans for the erection of three wind turbines at Upper Aucheoch, Maud, have been turned down.

Councillors at the Buchan Area Committee last week refused to grant planning consent from William Hutcheon, despite offers to move the site further north.

A representative from objectors suggested that the site could be moved further North therefore creating less disruption for neighbours.

Buchan area planning officer Wendy Forbes told councillors: “Informally NAB and BAA would be for a move to the North of the site.

“There are no guarantees that the planning would be put through even if a move occurred. We would have to approach the MOD, Environmental Health etc. to find out if the site would be suitable. A new planning application would have to be lodged for it.”

The applicant said: “There is not enough time to do it. Time scales are very tight.”

A new planning fee for wind turbines is being proposed for September this year and means the applicant would not have enough time to submit new plans and build the turbines before the deadline.

The fees planning authorities charge for onshore electricity generating stations less than 50MW is based on the physical size of the site.

Under the current arrangement this fee is £319 per 0.1ha. Under the new proposals, the fee structure wind farms would pay would be £500 per 0.1ha and other generation technologies would pay £1,000 for plants up to 100m-sq and further £500 for each subsequent 100m-square.

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