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A hideous invasion

In what may turn out to be a tipping point in Britain’s attitude to green energy, the people of a small village in Norfolk have won a huge victory against the might of the Government-backed wind power industry.

Opposition has been gradually building in Scotland for many months, but now groups are rising up all over Britain to defend their communities against disfigurement by the invasion of the turbines.

This paper has never fully understood the obsession of both the SNP and the Coalition Government on green policy. In Scotland’s case, the campaign is being pursued at breakneck speed, seemingly at the exclusion of other alternatives. In the North-East, councils are said to be receiving applications for new wind farms every day.

There is a growing list of cases where local objections have been overturned to allow building in some of Scotland’s loveliest landscapes. And, all the while, evidence mounts that the energy produced by these hideous monuments is both expensive and unreliable.

Isn’t it time to stop chasing deadlines for the switch to renewables and take a hard, commonsense look at the policy itself? Then we wouldn’t need people to go tilting at windmills.