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Group protests windfarm plans

A large group of concerned locals have formed the “Industrial Wind Turbine Awareness Mudgee Alliance” which covers the proposed windfarms of Crudine Ridge, Uungula, Hargraves to Triamble, Windamere, Ilford, 12 Mile and Bodangra near Wellington.

The alliance is part of the larger network of wind turbine awareness groups encouraging and supporting research, and promoting the impacts of industrial wind turbine developments and the consequences on communities, their people and the environment.

On Monday evening a few members of the Alliance travelled to Boorowa to attend a meeting hosted by the Boorowa District Landscape Guardians and held at the Boorowa Ex-Services Club. Approximately 80 people attended to learn more about the impact on the communities and individuals if the proposed industrial wind farms were to commence operation.

Alliance member Patina Schneider said the audience was representative of the wider community including landholders living in and beside the proposed developments and town residents.

“Interested individuals and groups travelled from neighbouring shires, and as far away as Wellington and Mudgee to be informed of the latest developments affecting communities across Australia where windfarms are proposed and in operation,” she said.

The audience was addressed by Senator John Madigan (Independent Senator), Mr Steve Cooper (internationally acclaimed acoustician), Mr Peter Quinn (leading South Australian barrister) and Michelle Edwards (landholder adjacent to the Cullerin Range Windfarm).

Senator Madigan told the audience these projects are mostly about people.

“Individual rights should not be eroded. Individuals should be protected by their leaders and decision makers, including politicians, government departments, councillors,” he said.

Steve Cooper delivered a compelling presentation clearly proving and showing that the industrial wind turbines did cause negative health impacts, a position adamantly denied and suppressed by the wind industry

“The measurement of infrasound (sound below the normal human hearing range) with tonality taken at operational wind farms confirmed the emission of frequencies which would interfere with and upset normal human function,” Mr Cooper said.

Peter Quinn, who is currently involved in legal proceedings against AGL and Suzlon/REPOwer in South Australia explained that in “common law” every man has a right to a good night’s sleep in his own house, and that the law is there to protect that right.

Accordingly, the proof of sleep disturbance that is caused by wind turbines has seen Courts rule that offending turbines be shut down at night.

Ms Schneider targeted the wind developers who were particularly conspicuous by their absence. There were no representatives of the three proposed proponents for the Boorowa area, Suzlon/REPOwer, Epuron and Wind Prospect ventures.

“All three proponents were invited to give a presentation to update and inform the community. None of them accepted,” she said.