May 26, 2012
Letters, New York

An open letter to all state and federal elected officials

The Daily News | 26 May 2012

Open letter to all the state and federal elected officials:

Please help me understand why Industrial wind turbines are continuing to be considered in Western New York or anywhere in the USA.

I don’t understand why the government are willing to continue to give to the wind turbine companies and investors million and even billions of tax dollars to these companies when in return the job creation is only a slight handful. Please help me understand how that is a good investment.

I don’t get it when a majority of land owners do not want them in their towns, especially in residential areas as close as 640 feet from a road and 1320 feet from a dwelling (dependent if one is participating or non-participating), yet the industrial wind companies continue to pursue the local town officials to encourage them to rewrite zoning laws to allow these turbines in residential areas. I do however know, that the town officials who serve on the various boards do have some financial stake if the turbines are located on their personal property.

How is it possible that a 4-50 story tall tower close to a home is not going to reduce the property values of that property? Why are many of the town officials willing to go along with the scheme that wind is green? Haven’t they been informed by the wind companies that gallons of various oils are needed in the various parts of the turbine? There are oils such as gear oil, various lubricants and gallons of oil in general for the generators.

It has been over 20 years that wind turbine companies have been receiving tax dollars in what is referred to as Production Tax Credits or PTC’s, yet they remain unable to sustain themselves. How is that a good investment or tax dollars? It would seem more feasible to use that same tax dollar money to truly develop an energy that is sustainabale on its own.

Why are the industrial wind companies not on the regular tax roles in each town and state? Why are they allowed to be given this favor of PTC’s in exchange for a few hundred thousand dollars? If the wind turbines were on each town’s and states tax role, the tax they would pay, like you and I must pay, would more than compensate the towns and schools rather then the few hundred thousand they “give” to the towns and school districts.

Please help me understand how any of this is a good investment and good stewardship. Sincerely,

Linda Makson


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