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How green is it … really?

Green energy! How green is it really? To me green energy is energy that is produced which has little or no impact on the environment or the surroundings. Windmills have always been considered “Green Energy.” What people don’t realize is this form of energy on this scale has a huge impact on the environment. The State of Vermont in its infinite wisdom passed a law that mandates that 40 percent of the energy produced in Vermont will come from “Green Energy.” If this were to be done with large scale wind turbines, it will take over 200 miles of ridge lines. That is 200 miles of ridge lines that will be deforested, and blasted, with 40 foot-wide roads leading to the sites for crane access. How is this “Green?” This will destroy the habitat for many animals and birds, and create problems with erosion control with all the water run off no longer being absorbed by the vegetation, not to mention the noise pollution it will create disturbing all living things within a 3-mile radius. A new study has shown that the windmills also raise the temperature in the areas where they have been installed, contributing to global warming. “Green Energy?”

These windmills are being imposed on all Vermonters with almost no recourse. They are not required to go through Act 250 as the rest of us are. The decision as to whether or not to install these windmills is being made by three people on the Public Service board that are appointed by the governor.

The sites for these wind mills are chosen by where they will find the least public resistance. Let’s keep this the Green Mountain State, and rethink what the impact of “Green Energy” really is.

Sarah Naylor

Newark, Vt.