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Damaging disaster of wind farms

Like many other lovers of the Northumberland countryside I am trying to prepare myself for the arrival of 400ft-high wind turbines throughout the county.

Many of the views I now treasure will be wrecked by the presence of these monstrosities. This visual destruction of rural areas is taking place all over the country, except in parts of the south such as Hampshire and the Chilterns.

So how much electrical energy do wind turbines deliver ? In 2010 Britain used 380 TWh of electrical energy (a tera watt is a million million watts).

Renewable energy contributed 25 TWh according to government – DECC) figures. Of this renewable energy 4.5TWh or 18% were produced by onshore wind turbines.

Approximately 1.2% of the UK’s electrical energy in 2010 came from onshore wind farms. It is madness to destroy wonderful countryside for such a miniscule fraction of the country’s energy needs.

Manmade global warming is real. Rising levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere threaten to destroy our civilisation. They are causing sea levels to rise and many areas will become uninhabitable.

To think that erecting numerous wind turbines in the UK will have any meaningful impact in averting these pending disasters is simply delusional.

JOHN WILSON, Kingston Park, Newcastle