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Seascale turbine given go-ahead by council

A controversial wind turbine has been given the go-ahead, despite strong local opposition.

A single wind turbine on a 30-metre mast will be located on land south east of Bailey Ground Farm, Seascale.

It has attracted local protests, but now that it has been given the go-ahead as it was in a meeting yesterday, the turbine will generate electricity to power the farmhouse and dairy farm, with the surplus going to the local grid to generate income for the farm.

A number of objections have been lodged against the plan. Seascale Parish Council objected on the grounds of its size and residential location, and the visual impact it feels the turbine would have on the village. The council also feels there would be interference with a nearby television mast, and a detrimental impact on wildlife.

There was also strong opposition from residents, who sent 46 protest letters to Copeland Borough Council. They are concerned that a precedent is being set, with the area becoming a “wind farm”. They also question the turbine’s size and location, and raise fears over the noise and vibration it could cause.

Planners, who approved the plans, wer told: “One medium-sized turbine in this location would not have a significant adverse visual affect or cause significant material harm to the character and appearance of the landscape.”