May 22, 2012

Taking wind fight to feds

by John Divinski | 22 May 2012

It’s become apparent Kincardine councillors are becoming a little fed up with the lack of communication from government officials on wind turbine questions.

Council has agreed to go beyond the provincial government and talk to the federal government plus get legal opinions on some points they want brought up.

Deputy Mayor Anne Eadie started the discussion saying she fears turbine developers are not respecting Kincardine’s plan for future growth.

Eadie says she’s not picking on any specific developer but all of them who, under the Green Energy Act, don’t have to abide by the town’s buffer zone policy.

That policy calls for setbacks of the turbines be 3000 meters in urban areas and 2750 meters in rural hamlets and 800 meters in farm areas.

Some councillors suggest there may be legal precedence that would allow the town to control turbines under noise and health issues.

Mayor Larry Kraemer says council has authorized staff to look into the legal aspects of controlling turbines that would over-rule the Green Energy Act.

Councillor Maureen Couture urged council to set up a face-to-face meeting with federal officials as well, who could trump any provincial legislation.

The federal government’s Transport Ministry would be informed about the wind turbine planned near the Kincardine Airport that could affect the operation of the facility.

Kincardine is home to hundreds of wind turbines already in operation and well over a hundred in the planning stages.

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