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EPBC referral for Stony Gap wind farm proposal

After much community pressure was applied, TRUenergy recently referred their Stony Gap Wind Farm Development Application under the Australian Federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

As there are several endangered and threatened species on and near the wind farm site, the application should be subject to much greater scrutiny than normal. Species listed under the EPBC Act and present at the site include Peregrine falcon, Diamond Firetail and the previously thought extinct Pygmy Blue Tongue Lizard, as well as numerous species of flora.

Stony Gap WF is proposed in an area classified as having a Critically Endangered Peppermint Box Grassy Woodland Ecosystem.

If approved, the proposed Stony Gap, Robertstown and Waterloo Stage 2 Wind Farms, in combination with the existing Waterloo Stage 1 WF will surround Bushland Conservation’s pristine Tothill Range on 3 sides. Effectively cutting off corridors between several significant permanent and temporary water bodies for bird life.

Submissions closed on 26th April and a decision was expected on the 10th May. The decision has been delayed as the Assessment Team has requested further information from TRUenergy.

Documents forming the Development Application can be read at: