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Park turbines in city

Your May 17 editorial on Kings County’s industrial wind decision is hypocritical. Urbanites seem to believe “a sparsely populated area like Kings” is ideal for all the things they don’t want in their own backyards, whether garbage dumps, industrial wind installations or anything else too unpleasant to put in a city. Your editorial seems to find “full-blown democracy in action” unacceptable for country people.

To be clear, I don’t want wind turbines anywhere in Nova Scotia because the higher hydro rates eliminate jobs. I don’t want an industrial park of any kind in my backyard. I moved to a rural area to get away from that sort of thing. If we must have wind turbines, it is better to put them in cities because cities are already noisy and dirty, and city people seem to think we should have them. I suggest the proper place for turbines is Point Pleasant Park. It is sparsely populated, yet close to all those who get so upset with us country NIMBYs. If the people of Halifax put turbines there, they will eliminate jobs but no one will call them hypocrites.

Rick Sparkman, Wolfville

Listened to citizens

You seem to be upset with Kings County council for having the backbone to listen to concerned citizens, and for taking a stand against the large-scale wind-power companies.

You say municipal councils are often more strict with setback distances. Nay, sir. Digby municipal council refused to listen to its taxpayers on this issue.

A distance of 650 metres is NOT an adequate setback from any human dwelling for these huge structures. They must be 2,450 metres at least. Anyone with any doubts should come to Gulliver’s Cove, camp out for a week, and see how they feel about them then.

Tax dollars are not a reasonable excuse to overlook the health issues of those who must live near them. Also, for you to use the term NIMBY is degrading to intelligent people who are trying to protect their own and others’ health, the wildlife in the area, and the pristine nature that is given to us by God to enjoy. These companies come in and tell us it will lower our power rates. Do you see this happening?

Evelyn Hayden, Digby