May 18, 2012

PSB revises Derby Line wind schedule

By Laura Carpenter | The Newport Daily Express | | 17 May 2012

DERBY – Tuesday, the Vermont Public Service Board (PSB) revised the schedule for the proposed Derby Line Wind project with hearings now set for the end of August.
The project, which involves the construction of two 420 foot plus turbines on farms in Derby Line, near the US-Canadian border is highly contentious and is generating international controversy.
The developer, Encore Redevelopment of Burlington, failed to notify adjoining property owners to one of the projects as required under PSB rules. Stanstead was not officially notified, either, when other surrounding towns were.
The PSB ordered the developer to officially notify Stanstead, Que. After receiving the official notification, residents began working together on opposing the project. Stanstead was granted intervener status.
Encore’s attorney has apologized for not notifying all adjoining property owners.
Despite mistakes by the developer and the uproar within communities, Farrell said the project is moving forward, even if Federal Production Tax Credits are lost due to schedule changes.
May 4, Encore filed a motion with the PSB for an amended schedule. Technical hearings are now scheduled for the week of August 27. Adjoining land owners who did not receive notice until recently have until May 21 to file to intervene on the project.
Bryan Davis of Grandview Farm, who wants to host one of the turbines, said Tuesday that he knows that even though opponents are outspoken, many support the project and he is receiving phone calls of support.
Farrell, in an interview Tuesday, said he is hoping to receive two Certificates of Public Good for the project in October.
This week, Jeanne Dickinson was granted permissive intervener status as well. Dickinson is an adjoining land owner to Smugglers Hill Farm, owned by Jayne and Jonathan Chase, a proposed location for one of the turbines.

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