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Now see for yourself: For Argyll challenges anyone to say SPR plans for Argyll Array at Tiree are acceptable

After making spurious claims that they had already done so – exposed by the vigorous No Tiree Array campaigners against the massive offshore wind farm embracing the Isle of Tiree – Scottish Power Renewables has at last published its official collection of scale-accurate photo-montages of the array in situ.

The SPR Argyll Array website (linked below) offers immediate access to the complete suite of SPR images, view location maps and background information.

You will find that there are two suites of images from each of four viewpoints – one for a 10MW installation and one for a 6MW installation.

The location and spectrum of vision of each viewpoint is also mapped; and there are maps giving a visual display of the territories in Tiree and its sister Isle of Coll from which various numbers of turbines will be visible.

It is worth noting that, even with the 6MW installation, there are place on the Isle3 of Coll from which the maximum number of turbines would be visible.

Each photo-montage comes in two parallel version – the photo-montage view with the turbine3s shown in white and the Photowire view where they are shown in red.

The suite of images reinforce how gross this plan actually is. Living on Tiree would be like living with the permanent presence of the biggest regatta the world has ever seen. There is no longer a horizon and these boats never move on.

We understand that Karl Hughes of the No Tiree Array campaign has at last had written acknowledgement from SPR that they will now study the micro climate implications for Tiree.

They have not detailed what this study would entail but the fact that they are to undertake it is an admission that the campaigners were in charge of the facts in insisting that the creation of a micro-climate was a real issue.

When you look at the extent and depth of this installation, it defies logic to deny that it is likely to generate a micro-climate. This needs serious research.

There is widespread interest in whether even the the onshore Sites of Special Scientific Interest might be affected?

The Skerryvore reef is on a Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) list as a ;highly possible’ Marine Protected Area (MPA) for a various reasons – this is in addition to the JNCC’s recommendation that Special Protection Area (SPA) status should also be placed on areas surrounding and within the proposed Argyll Array – or Tiree Array – area.

The Scottish Government – in defiance of evidence and in the absence of more – has been consistently minded to permit this development.

Now that anyone can see for themselves just how this installation will impact on Tiree, it will be interesting to see if there is any shift in this position.

Access to all of the displays and information are here, on the SPR Argyll Array Windfarm website.

Let’s hear from those who would defend this scheme and ask how far away from Tiree each lives?