May 16, 2012

Rally declares ‘It’s now or never’ to stop wind turbine development

Prince Edward County News, 16 April 2012

The battle against government-enabled Industrial Wind Turbine projects has been stepped up in Prince Edward County.

Members and friends of the County Coalition for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy (CCSAGE) believe “It’s now or never” as the projects threaten to destroy the County’s naturally green environment.

“A real white pine does not kill birds. A real white pine does not cause illness, raise Ontario’s electricity rates, destroy tourism or reduce property values”, is the campaign mantra, said Duncan Fischer of CCSAGE.

“Citizens have launched the “Naturally Green” and “Turbine-Free” campaign, through CCSAGE, aimed at convincing provincially-elected representatives that a majority of Prince Edward County residents strongly believe that their personal health and economic viability depend upon maintaining turbine-free neighbourhoods in this tourist-based area. Their goal is to stop final approval of proposed industrial wind farms in the southernmost part of the County,” Fischer said.

The campaign involves distributing hundreds of lawn signs proclaiming the County’s “Naturally Green” and “Turbine-Free” heritage. The signs are augmented with billboards, posters, field signs, automobile decals, advertising and a neighbourhood rally with live music and a barbecue set for May 26 in Milford at the Mount Tabor shed.

“This citizen campaign was precipitated by the Ontario government’s removal – without public consultation – of measures designed to protect wildlife under the Endangered Species Act,” said Fischer. “With the acquiescence of the NDP, the Ontario government removed these protective measures in its omnibus budget bill of April 24th. The result is that wind turbine developers now can ‘kill, harm, and harass’ endangered species without submitting to the safeguards designed to protect them.

“Endangered species in Prince Edward County are under an immediate threat from Gilead Power, which is awaiting government approval for nine IWTs on crown land at an Important Bird Area where migrating flocks congregate every spring and fall. In addition, a Germany-based corporation, wpd, is proposing 29 IWTs in the adjacent bird-rich vicinity of Milford, where hundreds of County residents enjoy a healthy and affordable rural lifestyle.

“Enabled by the “Feed-in Tariffs” program of the provincial government, wind energy developers have signed lease options with a small number of resident and non-resident landowners. The majority of County residents oppose the placement of the turbines – and the removal of municipal authority to control the location of wind energy developments by the Green Energy Act.”

Fischer says citizens are not amused that wpd has named its 29-turbine project the “White Pines” project.

“White pines are part of the heritage of Prince Edward County, where old growth pines were decimated and shipped abroad in the early 1800s. Citizens believe that the White Pines project by wpd threatens to again ravage the area, with profits going overseas. And the proposed 29 industrial wind turbines are each more than 500 per cent higher than the old pine trees, substantially taller than the Royal York Hotel in Toronto and the Peace Tower in Ottawa,” he added.

For more information, lawn signs, or make a donation visit or call Duncan Fischer at 613-476-6573

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