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Brewster Wind lingers in the breeze

Despite his best efforts, Mitch Relin of Brewster Citizens for Responsible Energy couldn’t get the selectmen to admit the twin-turbine project in Commerce Park was dead.

The town is working towards a deal with CVEC to have Broadway Electrical build and operate a 4,759-killowatt solar array on that site.

“This doesn’t bring it to closure,” Relin told the selectmen Monday. “Given technically [the turbines] are still on the table. A wink and a nod during citizen’s forum is not adequate.”

“I think it is more than a wink and a nod,” Selectman Peter Norton replied. “We’ve pretty much indicated that solar is more beneficial, but [technically] we still have authorization (for wind turbines).”

Once the solar deal is final and all permits are in place that will pretty much be the end of the wind project.

“We will let you know soon,” Norton promised.

“Will there be an official statement that the project is dead,” Relin persisted. “People have been waiting patiently.”

“We are meeting with CVEC,” Selectman Ed Lewis said. “As soon as we have an agreement you will be one of the first to know.”