May 14, 2012

Large-scale wind farms planned in Groningen

Radio Netherlands Worldwide, 14 May 2012

Economic Affairs Minister Maxime Verhagen has commissioned a study to determine whether two areas in the northern province of Groningen are suitable for the construction of large-scale wind farms.

Private investors in Groningen have drawn up plans for four wind farms with an expected output of more than 100 megawatts a piece. The economic affairs ministry is responsible for the coordination of wind farm projects on this scale.

Two of the wind farms are planned in the municipality of Oldambt and two in Eemsmond. Mr Verhagen wants to know what impact, if any, the parks would have on the quality of life and the environment there.

The province, local councils and interest groups such as the Waddenvereniging Wadden Sea association will be actively involved in the study.

When an initial examination shows the selected locations to be suitable for the construction of wind farms, a more extensive study will be launched to determine their effects on the landscape and the environment.

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