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Be wary of wind project

I remember the great feeling of finally paying off our mortgage. It went way beyond the obvious financial benefit. There’s a sense of freedom and security. If you fall on hard times, no one can take your house away. That’s why it was shocking to realize that everything we had worked for could be taken away by a well financed developer. What’s more, the laws of the state of Vermont would fully support it.

There are no minimum distances from houses for industrial wind projects. The project currently proposed for Rutland County consists of 15 to 20 490-foot tall turbines over a 6-mile stretch. There are 440 structures within a 2-mile radius. Without a doubt, some of these property owners will find they are no longer able to live in their homes if these turbines are constructed.

The health effects of living too close to a wind turbine are profound. The low frequency sound can penetrate a house, disrupting sleep. Some people suffer from vertigo, nausea, headaches, visual blurring, and ringing in the ears. People find they can no longer work in their gardens; the peace and serenity is gone. The constant noise is likened to a jet coming in for a landing, but it never lands.

The developers of this project have made claims that property values don’t go down. This defies logic. If you were in the market for a house, would you buy a house one mile from a giant industrial turbine, or would you buy the equivalent house in a peaceful countryside?

Be aware, developers have millions of reasons to lie. There’s millions of dollars to be made, and most of it is your tax dollars which subsidize these projects. Don’t let Rutland County fall victim to these smooth-talking salesmen.