May 12, 2012

Rossendale protesters have to battle against wind farm

By Chris Adams, Lancashire Telegraph, 11 May 2012

Campaigners fighting the proposed development of a wind farm in Weir must object to the plans AGAIN.

Angry residents in the village have already opposed the idea twice – and their fears were backed by councillours who voted unanimously to refuse the planning application in February.

Now Glasgow-based developers The Green Company (Europe) Ltd have appealed the decision to the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol and Rossendale residents have until May 22 to voice their concerns once more.

The scheme to build four 50 Kw wind turbines at Scar End Farm, off Burnley Road, was intially accepted by planning officials at the council before that decision was overturned by the development control committee.

They concluded that the turbines would be dam-aging on the grounds of ‘visual amenity, noise impact, cumulative impact, ecological impact and location of wind farm in relation to properties’.

340 people objected to the original 47.5m turbines, with a further 242 objections to amended plans for turbines with a reduced height of 34.2m.

Retired IT director Tony Glaser, 62, of Irwell Spr-ings, Weir, lives just metres from the proposed wind farm and is a member of campaign group The War on Weir Wind Farm.

He believes this latest appeal could prove disastrous for the village.

“It would be a sad day for local democracy if the wishes of a whole community, and the unanimous decision of the councillors serving them, were to be overruled by faceless bureaucrats in Bristol.

“Our views matter. It’s not just about big business and central government, it’s about people, ordinary people.We were over the moon, now we’re sick as parrots. David Cameron wants to give more power to local communities. Where’s our power now?”

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