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Documentary “Windfall” shows tonight at 7 pm; Exploration of industrial wind impacts on a rural community

A special free showing of the award-winning documentary ‘Windfall,’ an exploration of industrial wind impacts on a rural community, will be held tonight at 7 p.m. at the Landmark Theater in Hillcrest. The showing is cosponsored by Backcountry Against Dumps and The Protect Our Communities Foundation.

Hundreds of industrial wind turbines are currently proposed for public, private and tribal lands in East County with 400-800 thousand acres of Wind Resource Area proposed for designation in the County’s Wind Energy Ordinance & Plan Amendment DEIR.

Barb Ashbee, coordinator for Victims of Wind, based in Ontario Canada and Samuel Milham, MD MPH, author of “Dirty Electricity,” will be available to answer questions at both the “Windfall” showing tonight and the San Diego County Planning Commission’s May 11 wind ordinance workshop, starting Friday at 9 a.m.

Wind power… it’s sustainable … it burns no fossil fuels … it produces no air pollution. What’s more, it cuts down dependency on foreign oil. That’s what the people of Meredith, in upstate New York first thought when a wind developer looked to supplement the rural farm town’s failing economy with a farm of their own – that of 40 industrial wind turbines.

“Windfall,” Laura Israel’s feature-length film, documents how this proposal divides Meredith’s residents, as they fight over the future of their community. Attracted at first to the financial incentives that would seemingly boost their dying economy, the townspeople grow increasingly alarmed as they discover the impacts that the 400-foot high windmills slated for Meredith would bring to their community.

Beautifully photographed, “Windfall” looks at both sides of wind energy development.

The same concerns and impacts apply in rural San Diego where numerous industrial wind turbine projects, with hundreds of towering turbines, are proposed to literally transform rural communities into industrial energy sacrifice zones. Iberdrola’s Tule Wind turbines, proposed adjacent to homes and campgrounds, will be up to 3 MW each and up to 492 feet tall.

Opposition from impacted communities, including tribal representatives remains strong.

More information: http://windfallthemovie.com/index_1.html