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We should learn from mistakes

In their manifesto for the council election last Thursday, the Conservatives promised that local communities would be their own decision makers on planning and other matters directly affecting their daily lives.

Imposing wind farms on the Welsh countryside’s small and powerless local communities doesn’t only affect their daily lives – it affects their nightly rest even more so.

It amounts to a gradual ethnic cleansing. The proof is the effect of Alltwalis wind farm on the villagers of Gwyddgrug. The developers promised the locals that there would be no noise or any other disturbance, despite their voiced concern about when the wind blows in from that direction and the local topography, but the end result has been the complete ruin of their lives.

They can’t sleep, they are suffering from headaches, nausea and panic attacks, they even have to take drugs to be able to carry on with their lives because they can’t sell their houses so that they can run away from these towering monsters.

They have recently submitted a petition signed by more than 1,000 people, who deplore the fact that something like that can happen in our country in the 21st century, begging for these noisy monsters to be turned off during unsociable hours – as the law actually dictates – so that at least they can get some sleep. So far nothing has been done and the people of Gwyddgrug still can’t sleep! Shameful, isn’t it?

This undemocratic and inhumane situation is threatening to be repeated if councillors elected to Carmarthenshire Council approve the planning application from the wind farm developers RES on Llanllwni Mountain.

Shouldn’t we learn from our mistakes?

Kay Hamza