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Windfall for whom?

It seems like the wind farm will have a windfall, but for whom?

Certainly not the small land owners in the Kenedy and Kleberg County areas, but we still do not have all the facts.

Let’s take a look at what businesses or adventures have been suggested to be moved to our area in the last few years and let’s ask the questions again that have eluded this community.

Remember the space satellite companies that wanted to locate in our area (Kenedy County) a few years ago for satellite launching? There was a straw poll held by the locals in Kenedy County and they voted it down. What happened? Nothing.

Remember when the BRAC commission had recommeded that the U.S. Navy shut down Virginia Beach NAS and move the F-18 training squadrons to NAS-Kingsville? In Kingsville we have more air space, less encroachment, more land space and the least complaints from the civilians than anywhere else with a NAS. What happened? Nothing.

My history may be a little cloudy, but shouldn’t all the oil industry in the Alice area be in the Kingsville area but was discouraged by higher than normal tax rates or lack of permits in Kingsville back in the 1940s? What happened? Nothing.

With Kingsville having a beautiful and historic downtown area, shouldn’t it be rocking, jamming, singing and enjoying a windfall of sorts? What’s happened? Nothing.

We as a city and community should be partying like crazy in celebrating the Cactus Bowl every January instead of waiting for some outside sponsor to place the bid. We need to bring it back ourselves and quit relying on others. What’s happened? Nothing.

Now the wind farm is threatening to make its presence felt in South Texas. Who will make that decision? What’s happening?

We have many natural resources in Kleberg and Kenedy County. I hope we as a community can make rational decisions for the future.

There are many folks who are not Kingsvillians but who are making major decisions for us. I say we get our elected officials in sync with the community and bring some new money to this area.


Jesse Naranjo