May 5, 2012

MP supports campaigners

Sleaford Standard, 4 May 2012

Opposition to plans for a wind farm has the backing of Sleaford MP Stephen Phillips as a petition against the proposed scheme is on its way to Parliament.

Mr Phillips recently met with South Kyme resident Mervyn Head, who presented him with the petition opposed to the proposed construction of wind turbines on a site at East Heckington.

The plan, put forward by renewable energy firm Ecotricity, proposes to install up to 22 wind turbines, each measuring up to 125m on land at Six Hundred Farm.

The petition was signed by over 100 local residents and asks the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change to reject the proposal due to the effect the turbines would have on the community.

Mr Phillips said: “While I appreciate the need to look closely at renewable energy, including onshore wind, I strongly believe that turbines should not be built where there is such opposition from local residents.

“I have sent the petition to the Secretary of State to alert him to the strength of local feeling and ensure that residents’ views are taken into account when the final decision is made.”

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