May 2, 2012

Major study underway in wind turbine accident

By JIM LANGHAM, Feature Writer, Paulding County Progress,

Two things have to happen in order for 55 wind turbines in the Timber Road Wind Farm to start operation again, according to Roby Roberts, vice president of communications, EDP Renewables.

“Right now we’re not sure when we will be able to start up the wind farm,” said Roberts. “All of the blades need to be inspected. That’s three blades times 55 turbines. Turbines have been manufactured by Vesta Americas. The company has brought in blade inspectors that are trying to determine what happened.

“Once all of the findings have been collected, Vesta and EDP will sit down and go over the findings,” said Roberts. “Once that has happened, we will sit down with the Ohio Power Siting Board, the state agency in charge of such projects, to see what has to happen for the project to run safely.”

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