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Donald R. Murphy: Lake turbines hurt commercial fishing

The waters along the shores of Lake Michigan provide a vast but diminishing fishing industry. Placing wind turbines in the middle of this resource will certainly have a detrimental effect.

Our lake waters provide thousands of commercial fishermen with a decent income. The fishing industry is often harsh and always dangerous, but it has provided the country with fresh seafood since the settlers first migrated to its shores from Norway and Sweden.

The reflection of the revolving vanes of the noisy wind turbines over the shallow waters of the fishing grounds will hurt the industry. Any industries developed near the shore to support the turbines will only help to replace jobs lost in the commercial fishing industry.

Gov. Scott Walker and the Legislature should work to protect a vulnerable and fragile industry that is vital to the entire nation. If this happens to be the same goal as that of the Koch Brothers, so be it.

Tourism is the number one industry in Wisconsin, and Lake Michigan’s shores are one big reason. Lining them with whirring, whistling mechanical devices to satisfy a few who support wind generated energy is a bad idea. Trading a few kilowatts of electricity for a vital fishing and tourist industry is not in the best interests of Wisconsin’s citizens.

– Donald R. Murphy, Madison