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Boone County plans for wind turbines

Boone County officials are taking a proactive approach when it comes to wind turbines by beefing up the county regulations and ordinances.

After meeting with officials from Lee County, Boone County’s Zoning Committee is learning what changes need to be made to their regulations to make sure both the county and its residents are protected if and when mainstream renewable power presents the county with an application to start commissioning turbines.

The official we talked to said, “The counties ahead of us who have had wind projects on their grounds for years and even decades in the case of Lee County have changed their ordinances continually and updating them as the machines themselves have increased in size and so taking a look at our neighbors to the southwest of us and deciding that we better get going to before this thing hits.”

The ordinance will deal with issues ranging from how far the turbines will be set from homes to who will decommission them when they are no longer in use.