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Fighting wind turbines

The Huron East Against Turbines group is commending the municipality for its recent intervention in the St. Columban wind development project.

Member Rob Tetu says the document, authored by CAO Brad Knight, was well thought out and very thoroughly researched.

Tetu says some of the concerns that Huron East expressed to the developer were understated– chunks of ice falling on roadways due to ice-shear are a danger, period – not just a danger to school busses.

St. Columban maintains its computer modelling predicts a school bus would be hit by ice once every 260 thousand years.

Tetu believes the developer’s assertion is circumspect.

He says its calculations are based on different situational data and distance factors.

The activist says there are absurdities to the St. Columban proposal that result from one proposed turbine’s location.

He says one residence would literally have the dividing line between compliance and non-compliance run through the kitchen table.

Tetu commends the municipality for demanding that turbine be removed.

The final four public meetings on the project occur May 8th and 9th in Bluevale, Brussels, Howick and Seaforth.