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Industrial wind and transparency

When LD 2283 came blowing through the legislative signature pad in 2008, everyone thought that the objective behind this push was to implement something green to help with energy. This became an easy sale when the price increase in gas and everything hit the working class in the wallet. When repercussions started occurring, an interest group formed to ask viability questions such as, “why so big and why the big rush, and hey guys, looks like you didn’t finish your homework on impacts.”

My motivator is to ensure that the people of Maine are respected and not sold a bad deal of goods. “There is a lot of money to be made in energy” – this rings through my mind from a class or two. Then I remember the conversation around emissions trading – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emissions_trading. The cap and trade market was created when the EPA placed caps on CO2 and SO2 emissions to protect us and our future from irreversible harm.

These turbines are being implemented at the industrial scale ONLY regardless of financial nonviability so that the package of green credits they are applicable for are purchasable by other industrial entities so they can pollute beyond regulations and it still looks good on the books. I am betting that no one who is selling industrial wind to the state of Maine and the people who want to be a part of a green solution are telling them the real objectives. They won’t care what you know after they are all up and running. Maybe this explains the expedited nature?

Carolyn Rae