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Donald may come up trumps with MoD ally

Donald Trump has found a powerful ally in his transatlantic war on wind farms – the Ministry of Defence.

The Sunday Post can today reveal that the influential Whitehall department has objected to the turbines that could overshadow the billionaire’s luxury golf course in Menie, Aberdeenshire.

Top brass are concerned the controversial offshore site will interfere with a nearby radar station, RAF Buchan, which is crucial to national security.

This Wednesday, Mr Trump is set to sweep into Scotland to make a personal appearance at the Scottish Parliament as part of an inquiry into green energy.

The main focus of his case will be on his battle to stop the 11 turbine offshore wind farm, The European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre, being built only a mile from his golf development.

Last year, a planning application for the EOWDC was submitted to Government body, Marine Scotland, by Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm Ltd.

In The Sunday Post last week, the magnate revealed the plans were lodged despite assurances in 2006 from developers and politicians that no wind farm would be built in view of his course.

But the latest twist has provided new hope for Mr Trump that the coastal views may remain unspoiled.

Although the military objection remains confidential, a source within the MOD revealed last night: “The area of concern is RAF Buchan and the radar there is necessary for ‘air defence’, used for detecting aircraft entering UK airspace.

“Wind farms, and the spinning of the turbine blades, can affect military radar.”

Our source said in recent years the MoD, along with the renewables industry, have come up with a project to produce wind farm “friendly” radar which isn’t affected by spinning blades.

He added, however, that it costs huge amounts of money to replace existing radar equipment and said only “two or three” have been installed at “test areas”.

Last night George Sorial, of The Trump Organisation, said: “It doesn’t seem rational that a Government would approve an application when their own military is saying that it compromises their ability to defend the country. “How could the application

possibly ever be approved? Unless the First Minister is suggesting that his wind agenda is more important than the national security of Scotland.”

A Scottish Government spokesman said: “A submission from the Ministry of Defence has been received by Marine Scotland in relation to the Offshore Wind Demonstration Project in Aberdeenshire.

“This is being considered alongside the views of other consultees, interested parties, and the public.”

A decision is expected later this year. A spokesman for the MoD said: “The Ministry of Defence has been consulted on the Aberdeen Bay proposal and MoD officials are currently working with the wind farm developer.

“All discussions on this proposal are considered commercial in confidence at this stage.”