April 19, 2012
Letters, Rhode Island

Town doesn’t need a new toy ‘to play with’

The Jamestown Press, www.jamestownpress.com 19 April 2012

Like Fred Basso (letters to the editor, “Too many problems to approve turbines,” April 12), I agree the taxpayers do not need another monetary headache at this time. The idea of purchasing a wind turbine in these poor international and national economic conditions is very shortsighted to say the least.

With our tiny state in the throes of a real Depression-type economic situation, I concur with Mr. Basso and others that now is not the time to purchase an expensive new toy for the town to play with. At an estimated projected bond cost of $4 million to $6 million, the Town Council needs to realize we are living in most interesting times.

W. Geo. Boll

Clinton Avenue


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