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“Great White” in Falmouth

JAWS lives. Falmouth has become it’s own version of “Amity Island” portrayed in 1975 American thriller.

Town meeting is clamoring that the town’s tumultuous turbine turmoil has gone on far too long.

Has the local Chamber of Commerce’s continuous exploratory assessment of the community’s appeal uncovered unsavory results? Grumbling in town coffee shops and beauty salons seemingly speculate so. Questions are rampant about whether community turbine trauma has become a noted impact distractor on tourism/trade/relocation potential.

Everyone has an opinion, but the community question remains. What will Selectmen do? Keep the beaches open (Turbines Turning), or, for the public’s protection close them (Removing the Turbines)?

Citizens are starting to realize, at the conclusion of this recent spring town meeting, that for two years, Falmouth has maintained (staged) a noise complaint log only to appear concerned about a small group of residents. Town Meeting, it seems, has become fatigued with the Selectmen’s argument that residents complaints are simply anecdotal “SHARK IN THE WATER” exaggerations.

Finally, after so long, others are seeing the blood in the water too!