April 18, 2012

Trump says Scotland is committing ‘financial suicide’ on wind power

BBC News, www.bbc.co.uk 17 April 2012

US tycoon Donald Trump has said Scotland is committing “financial suicide” by wanting to create a “wind farm landscape”.

In a submission to a Scottish Parliament committee, he said the policy would end tourism and result in Scotland going broke.

Mr Trump is opposing plans to build an offshore wind farm near his £1bn golf resort in Aberdeenshire.

The entrepreneur is appearing before Holyrood’s economy committee next week.

Mr Trump made his submission to MSPs in advance of his appearance at the committee, which is holding an inquiry into renewable energy targets.

He wrote: “Does (tourism agency) visitscotland or anyone else for that matter honestly believe that a ‘wind farm landscape’ will stimulate tourism?

“The answer, in fact, is that it will completely end tourism in Scotland.

“Ireland and other countries competing for revenue from tourists are thrilled – Scotland is, in effect, committing financial suicide.”

Mr Trump went on to say that wind turbines were inefficient, adding: “Your pristine countryside and coastlines will forever be destroyed and Scotland will go broke.”

The wind farm which is planned close to Mr Trump’s golf resort at Menie, is a £150m venture by Vattenfall, Technip and Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group, which would see 11 turbines erected.

Scottish ministers previously approved the golf resort, and, at the same time, are also embarking on a drive to make Scotland the green energy capital of Europe.

Mr Trump, who is appearing before MSPs on 25 April, wrote: “I would respectfully urge the committee to recognise the seriousness of the situation and to advise the Scottish government not to destroy Scotland with these horrendous, costly and highly inefficient industrial turbines.

“Your current political leaders, specifically those who have responsibility for its energy policy, must understand that in the business of high-value tourism, a tarnished asset is impossible to replace.”

Mr Trump has previously accused Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond of being “hell bent on destroying Scotland’s coastline”.

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