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Rockport Town Meeting results

ROCKPORT – The article-by-article results from Rockport’s Annual Town Meeting, held Monday night:

1. Choose agents for town trust funds. APPROVED treasurer as agent for all town trust funds.

2. Take back authorization to borrow money for certain unnamed projects. APPROVED.

3. Raise money to cover unpaid bills. APPROVED.

4. Amend or revise town employee payment schedules. APPROVED.

5. Approve the town budget at $29.3 million. es. APPROVED.

6. Approve the capital budget at $1.7 million including enterprise funds. APPROVED.

A. Allocate Chapter 90 money (state roadway dollars). APPROVED.

B. Donate $3,000 to Action Inc. APPROVED.

C. Donate $3,000 to Healing Abuse, Working for Change (HAWC). APPROVED.

D. Donate $3,000 to SeniorCare Inc. APPROVED.

E. Put money into the stabilization fund. APPROVED.

F. Create a special stabilization fund for capital outlays. APPROVED.

G. Change zoning wording. APPROVED.

H. Create a downtown district in the zoning bylaw. APPROVED.

I. Make changes to the affordable housing bylaw. APPROVED.

J. Change the zoning bylaw for trailers. REJECTED, returned to Planning Board for further study.

K, L, M, N. Change the meaning of “structure” in the zoning bylaws, and make related changes. ALL APPROVED.

O. Changing rules about wind-energy conversion facilities declared safety hazards. APPROVED.

P. Adopt new flood plain zoning laws. APPROVED.

Q. Change Town Clerk to an appointed position (non-binding). APPROVED.

R. Allow beer and wine sales at a grocery store. APPROVED.

S. Extend the term of the Ad Hoc Water Committee. APPROVED.

T. Accept the report of the Cape Ann Tool Company Task Force. APPROVED.

U. Accept the Annual Town Report. APPROVED.


A. Transfer leftover money from departments with surpluses to balance the fiscal 2012 budget. APPROVED.

B. Spend $6,374.55 to cover costs of bargaining with the union representing clerical workers in town departments. APPROVED.

C. Spend $45,000 to cover firefighter training at the Fire Academy. APPROVED.

D. Transfer $46,825.45 to the Other Post Employment Benefits trust fund. APPROVED.

E. Put $50,000 into the Sewer Enterprise Fund to cover expenses. APPROVED.

F. Transfer unspent money to the Water Tanks Project Capital Repairs account. APPROVED.

G. Transfer unspent money to cover repairs to the Water Treatment Plant. APPROVED.

H. Create water-related easements. APPROVED.

I. Allow selectmen to look into alternative energy projects for the town. APPROVED.