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Moratorium on wind turbines

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture, Ontario’s largest farm organization, has asked Premier Dalton McGuinty and the provincial government to suspend the building of Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT) across the province as of January 20, 2012.

Dozens of municipalities across the province have repeatedly asked for a moratorium on the construction of the IWT until questions such as health concerns of people living in proximity of the IWT, proper setbacks of IWT, devaluation of neighbouring properties, decimation of the rural landscape and destruction of wildlife habitats are properly studied and addressed.

Many of these municipalities have asked for the province to hand back the planning authority of IWT, but to no avail. The Ontario Auditor General has even tried to explain to the government the serious errors being made under the Green Energy Act with regards to more jobs being lost than created.

The consumer and taxpayer are subsidizing the IWT projects to create huge profits for large off-shore companies while making electricity very expensive for the citizens of the province. Also, they are concerned about the implications of decommissioning the IWT twenty years from now.

The municipality of Espanola, along with other municipalities across the province who share concerns regarding the damaging and devastating repercussions within their communities caused by the IWT, are requesting that the Premier invoke an immediate moratorium of one year in the Province of Ontario, until the concerns noted above are properly studied and addressed.

On Tuesday, March 27, 2012 The Town of Espanola councillors unanimously passed a motion supporting the resolution #GPA-184-12 drafted by the municipality of Clarington.

A copy of this motion will be forwarded to the governement and other Ontario municipalities.