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A gravy boat deal

In the world of electricity generation there are three principles:

1. Cheapest cost
2. Nearest to distribution point
3. Wastage

Renewable energy (aka wind power) fails on all three counts:

It is the most expensive form of electricity. It has been reported that wind power costs 9.8p per unit as opposed to 2.3p for gas; 2.5p for nuclear and 2.9p for coal.

Wind turbines are not near to distribution points, they are up in our hills and mountains!

Wastage – the further electricity has to travel there is more wastage.

Tony Blair, socialist millionaire, signed us all up to the most expensive unit cost of electricity, wind power!

Not only have the public been sold a pup but, the wind industry has secured a gravy boat deal that has left all electricity consumers with a personal debt on electricity bills for what is in essence an industry “development” loan with no end date in sight! An open ended deal that spends our money for more than 25 years before it is even earned!

At least those who loan money to companies become shareholders with a dividend. The electricity consumer has unknowingly become lumbered with a corporate debt passed over as a personal debt on electricity bills for 25 years or more. It is not a fixed debt but instead compounded and open ended as more and more turbines are built. Like a minimum credit card debt repayment – the devil’s debt – the cost will spiral out of control.

Our politicians appear to have the minds of spendthrifts. Having made their blunders with the out of control banking financial crisis they continue on rigidly with an out of control energy policy, like desperate renewable energy salesmen promoting intermittent, expensive, not fit for purpose wind power.

The lawyers must be rubbing their hands in glee as many communities fight this relentless tsunami that seeks to crush local democracy. Wind power will keep the law courts busy for decades to come!

It is time for the public to say NO, NO, NO to expensive, intermittent wind power. It is a policy that creates fuel poverty and hardship.

Billy Fox deserves everyone’s vote, particularly those that care about Shetland and its people. He, amongst others, has highlighted the shenanigans and conflicts of interests that work against the best interests of Shetlanders.

This gravy boat for so called “free” market energy companies has to stop.

Wind power is a very divisive policy and any policy that is divisive is bad, very bad indeed.

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