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Williwaw Goddard wind farm approved with conditions

Phillips County Commissioners approved two conditional use permits for Williwaw Goddard Wind Farms, LLC as reported at their March 30 meeting.

The two permits allow the company to build and maintain a 19.8 megawatt wind energy facility and a generation interconnection electrical line (transmission line) between the wind energy facility and the Holyoke electrical substation.

The wind farm will be located approximately six miles southwest of Holyoke at Goddard Hill and Fiddler Peak.

Commissioners made a few changes to the conditional use permits after the recommendation from the Board of Adjustments.

Commissioners noted an easement for the transmission line construction and/or overhang rights will be allowed on county road right-of-ways if easements on private property can not be obtained, but they are encouraging Williwaw Goddard Wind Farms to go to the landowners first.

Also in the month of March, Phillips County applied for a Historical Grant to repair/replace windows and repair the chimney at the courthouse. The total project cost is $139,290. The county will match 25 percent of the cost in addition to their application for a $104,290 grant.

Phillips County is now offering an E-Waste Recycling Program at the landfill. The board approved the price list for electrical items needing to be recycled.

They also noted the landfill free days are set for June 1-2.

A 1999 GMC rolloff truck has been purchased for $55,000 including 10 rolloff boxes.

Commissioners recently passed a resolution to ban all open burning when there is a red flag warning.

The board rescinded a 1987 ordinance that disallowed alcohol in the grandstands at the Phillips County Fairgrounds. Alcohol is now allowed in the east side of the grandstands. They noted Phillips County Raceway plans to have a beer garden available at the races this year.

Phillips County applied to the Public Utilities Commission to change the railroad crossing at County Road 35 from private to public and to modify the existing exit from County Road 35 to the highway department. This is to accommodate the new Seaboard mill west of Holyoke.

The playground at Homesteaders Park is nearly finished. The structure of the universally accessible playground is in place, and plans were to complete the rubber surfacing this week. The disc golf equipment has not arrived yet, but county employees will be able to install those once they come in.

Homesteaders Park enhancement project will begin around the end of April or the beginning of May to install benches, lighting, etc.

Commissioners noted the county has been reimbursed by the City of Holyoke for an error on the electrical rates at the fairgrounds.

Phillips County Clerk’s office is scheduled to be closed Wednesday, April 11 for training.