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Wind farm plans frustrating Kleberg County residents

RIVIERA – Residents in Riviera aren’t thrilled about the plans for two wind farms to fill up their property

According to Kleberg County Judge Juan Escobar, the county hasn’t picked the specific locations yet. But locals are saying otherwise.

“There’s a lot of areas around here, full of wide open spaces that they could put these windmills instead of in our subdivision,” one resident said.

According to residents the turbines will go up in about 4 weeks if everything goes according to plan, some say they heard that the wind farms will be built 450 feet from their front door. Residents also say the height and weight of these turbines can be dangerous for anyone living close by.

John Saenz is part of a group called “South Texans for Sensible Wind Farm Siting” and he says there’s nothing sensible about the potential locations of turbines.

“The companies need to consider the safety of the local residents and the possibility that one of these turbines could fall on their home or their car, if you apply common sense about where you put these from a property tax perspective, a safety issue, a health issue and environmental issue, i think it just makes sense you put it on larger tracks of land,” Saenz said.

Saenz also mentioned, the wind turbines could appear on the radars used by pilots at Naval Air Station, Kingsville.

“Wind farms do not belong anywhere in the proximity of the Naval Air Station or Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi,” Saenz added.

But officials from the energy companies say they’re working with the navy during the development stages of the wind farms to lessen the affect on the radar for the naval air station.

There is a public hearing regarding this issues Wednesday, April 4th at the Seawind RV Park Recreation Center at 7P.M.