April 4, 2012
Nova Scotia

Turbine plan causes flap in Bayswater

By SAMANTHA CHOWN, thechronicleherald.ca 4 April 2012

Bayswater residents are upset they weren’t better informed about plans for construction of a wind turbine, a local resident says.

Watts Wind Energy has plans to construct a wind turbine between the Lunenburg County village and Blandford by the end of 2013. It advertised its second community meeting through a local newsletter that came out late last week.

“They’re just trying to slip something past us,” Bayswater resident Judy Duffy said Tuesday.

The newsletter was five pages stapled together and there was no notice in the local paper, she said. And the newsletter was only delivered to people with mailboxes and most seasonal residents don’t have them.

When Duffy found out about the turbine from a neighbour last week, she was “totally shocked.” She is concerned about potential noise pollution and vibration from turbine blades.

Paul Pynn, vice-president of Watts Wind, said the turbine will be constructed 800 metres from the nearest home. Duffy lives about twice that distance from the construction site.

The proposed plan is still in the planning stage, Pynn said. It will have to be approved by Nova Scotia Power and pass an environmental assessment.

The second information session regarding the proposed turbine will be held today at the Blandford Community Center at 7 p.m.

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