April 3, 2012

Wind energy company broadens turbine plans to Carroll Co.

By Ken Heineck, WSLS, www2.wsls.com 3 April 2012

CARROLL COUNTY, VA – It is a different mountain this time, and in an county next door, but Horizon Wind Energy has similar plans to place wind turbines on Stoots Mountain in Carroll County.

Dennis Ward owns property there and says he was approached by the company.

“Personally, I’d be willing to do almost anything that would reduce our dependence on foreign oil at $4 per gallon,” said Ward.

The company also spoke with Christy Sharpe’s family. She says they enjoy the pristine view too much.

“We ride four-wheelers up there and there’s wildlife,” said Sharpe.

Bob Martin, Pine Creek District Supervisor, said the meeting was held in early March, but it was in executive session, which is not open to the public. Supervisors we spoke with Tuesday said they feel it is time for the people they represent to know what the company, Horizon, has in store.

According to supervisors, that is to place between thirty and forty wind turbines on Stoots Mountain, all of them nearly 500 feet tall. There are currently no height restrictions in place in Carroll County.

“I believe that’s something Carroll needs to have in order to prepare for a project like this,” said Josh Hendrick, Laurel Fork District Supervisor.

128 we were told that there would be no noise from the windmill, but we’ve talked to people who said yes you can hear them.

It is questions like these Hendrick hopes to answer as he and other leaders read up on the issue.

No plans have been made as of yet to hold a public hearing on the issue. Horizon Wind Energy did not respond to our emails seeking comment.

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