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Duxbury: Done deal for landfill solar farm; Wind Advisory Committee formed

Two acres worth of solar arrays will soon be installed at Duxbury’s transfer station. Last October, voters agreed to enter into a solar farm agreement without ownership, installation, or maintenance costs attached, all in exchange for discounted energy.

Monday, Town Manager Richard MacDonald signed a contract with a solar engineering firm who will lease the capped landfill from Duxbury, “Proud to say that we have brought in an outside company, American Capital, which will construct the farm and the Town of Duxbury will be the recipient of net metering credits which obviously is assistance to our electric bills.”

MacDonald further explained the construction start date is unknown. An off-site solar array project was also negotiated earlier this year with Pegasus Renewable Energy.

And, after much contention over a possible wind turbine project near Duxbury’s North Hill Golf Course and a restrictive zoning article placed on last month’s town meeting warrant, the Alternative Energy Committee and a group of concerned citizens called Wind Wise are finally working together.

Neither the project nor zoning article ever reached voters, but Alternative Energy Committee Chair Jim Goldenberg explained at Monday night’s Selectmen meeting that a new committee called Wind Advisory will fully vent the hot-button issue as far as potential health impacts and a protective bylaw.

“It’s important that someone come really without an agenda either way because I think this is going to be a challenging task. We’ve had a lot, a lot of conflict on this but at the same time it’s a great opportunity for us to work together and to come to a consensus on this,” said Goldenberg

The seven member committee is still being formed and will include at least two AEC members and two people from Wind Wise. Duxbury’s current zoning bylaw allows a wind turbine in town to be no taller than 250 feet.