March 31, 2012
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Action group set up to oppose turbines 31 March 2012

The tiny parish of Lenton with Keisby, Osgodby and Hanby, eight miles south east of Grantham, has for some months been under threat of a planning application for a 78m/256ft industrial wind turbine energy development. While it is important to stress that, as yet, no formal planning application has been received, it is anticipated that this will be forthcoming fairly soon. Accordingly, VOLTS – Voices in Opposition to Wind Turbine in Lenton Site – has been formed in order to challenge the installation.

If this turbine becomes a reality, it will not only be seen for several miles around, but its effects could be physically felt for up to 5km. It will also be a useful test case for similar applications in other small locations.

In our parish we have several listed buildings or sites, including a stretch of old Roman road “King STreet, a field of particular significance where there is evidence of a Roman village and ponds, and a Grade 1 medieval church, all within yards of the potential site, all of which are vulnerable to permanent damage if the potential application succeeds.

Perception is also a very real consideration and the possibility must not be overlooked that property prices might fall simply because they are in the area where there’s a huge turbine. Even if you don’t live in the parish you may not be immune to its implications.

‘Green’ energy is an ideal and I’m sure we all would prefer to harness such sources if they are viable and effective. Sadly, the science for wind turbines does not stack up and the ‘green’ tag is undeserved. Only a tiny number of people gain, financially, while a hug number of residents take the pain.

I stress that this is currently a potential application and not yet formal. However, in anticipation, VOLTS has already conducted a huge amount of research and welcomes interest for anyone who chooses to contact us. We will welcome as much support as possible if and when the time comes.

Please contact us on the numbers or email address below.


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