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Turbines don’t belong on Manitoulin Island

We, the people, need to be custodians of our wilderness, our heritage, our health and our livelihood. We do not need signs saying, “No unauthorized personnel or vehicles,” or “no trespassing on our sacred island.

I am a proud descendent of the original Odawa (Ottawa); a fluent speaker of my language. I grew up in Doganing (South Bay) where I learned my cultural and traditional values taught by my elders.

Passionate native people respect and live in harmony with nature, respect Mother Earth and believe that she should not be raped for money and power. Chiefs and councillors, and outside corporations need not become oppressors or bullies, cause divisions and disrupt our peaceful life.

Islands in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River are unique. Our Manitoulin Island is part of this and has a wealth of biological diversity and part of the world’s most remarkable ecosystems. Recreational activities, sports and scenery draw people to our beautiful island.

Will tourists come to see wind turbines displacing natural beauty? Will artists paint or take photographs of wind turbines as part of the landscape?

We have a right to ask; we have a right to be skeptical. Why are there gag orders? We have a right to be concerned and we have a right to oppose plans. How wrong is it and how blind people are in the pursuit of money can be?

Dr. M.A. Persinger, professor in the department of biology and psychology, behavioral neuroscience and bimolecular science programs at Laurentian University, recommends a delay in construction of operation of wind turbines in our region.

As a community member of Wikwemikong, there appears to be a lack of transparency and accountability in the wind farm initiative by council. Where are the detailed financial reports and an other pertinent information that band members and elders should know?

Since Wikwemikong is not part of the United Chiefs and Councils of Manitoulin, I am curious if their band members, elders and non-natives residents of Manitoulin Island have been provided detailed information on these monsters that have arrived in M’Chigeeng.

It is unacceptable to change landscape all the time in the name of profit for very few. Politicians need to put people before profits.

Rosemary Wakegijig

Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve.