March 30, 2012

Quarry firm says site still being assessed for turbine

By Jenny Moody, 28 March 2012

A senior surveyor behind proposals to build a giant wind turbine in Uttoxeter has revealed the ‘site is still being assessed’.

Tim Claxton, senior estate surveyor of Aggregates Industries, told The Advertiser the plans for an 87m high wind turbine are currently in the consultation stage.

He also moved to allay fears about former promises saying plans to restore Uttoxeter Quarry still include transforming it for recreational and leisure uses.

The turbine could generate enough clean energy for the equivalent of up to 279 homes and could save around 565 tonnes of carbon monoxide annually.

Mr Claxton (pictured), said: “The construction materials which Aggregate Industries produces are needed to build and maintain homes, schools, hospitals and roads; however the production and transportation of these materials requires a lot of energy and a carbon intensive process.

“Aggregates Industries is aware of the impact its products have on people, the environment and the economy and the wind turbine at Uttoxeter is part of its target to dramatically reduce its carbon footprint and to generate 25 per cent of the energy it needs from renewable energy projects on its own land.

“We started the consultation a couple of weeks ago and we are engaging people’s views on the restoration of the land. We are getting regular comments from both sides, some people support it and others don’t.

“We are still assessing the sites in terms of viability, with a noise survey and ecological surveys and really still fact-finding.” As part of its commitment to leisure facilities, Mr Claxton said: “Aggregates Industries is currently in talks with Uttoxeter Cricket Club and Uttoxeter Junior Football Club to draw up plans for new sports pitches on restored land at the quarry.

“It has also agreed to help with constructing the access road and car park which the clubs would require. As a result of the development of the wind turbine, the clubs would benefit from cheaper electricity bills.” He added they were also in talks with Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council about potential alternative community projects.

“As part of their commitment to reducing their carbon emissions, Aggregate Industries will put a Power Purchase Agreement in place to ensure that any surplus low carbon electricity fed into the grid is used at other Aggregate Industries sites across the UK,” said Mr Claxton.

Aggregate Industries will continue the consultation right into April and it is intended the planning application will be submitted at the end of April to Staffordshire County Council’s planning department.

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